Atheist Quotes from Swami Vivekananda

You can find several atheist quotes from Swami Vivekananda, a nineteenth century Hindu monk. The Swami emphasized the need to think for yourself when it comes to religion versus blindly following and believing religious scriptures.

Therefore, here are atheist quotes from Swami Vivekananda to get us all questioning more.

Atheist Quotes and Thinking

Think for yourselves. Become atheists! Become materialists! That would be better. Exercises the mind! ... What right have you to say that this man's method is wrong? It may be wrong for you. That is to say, if you undertake the method, you will be degraded; but that does not mean that he will be degraded. - The Gita III, Lectures, Volume 1

It is better that mankind should become atheist by following reason than blindly believe in two hundred millions of gods on the authority of anybody. What we want is progress, development, realization. No theories ever made men higher. No amount of books can help us to become purer. The only power is in realization, and that lies in ourselves and comes from thinking. - Practical Vedanta: Part III, Practical Vedanta and Other Lectures, Volume 2

The goal of all its [Raja Yoga's] teaching is how to concentrate the minds, then, how to discover the innermost recesses of our own minds, then, how to generalize their contents and form our own conclusions from them. It, therefore, never asks the question what our religion is, whether we are Deists or Atheists, whether Christians, Jews, or Buddhists. We are human beings; that is sufficient. Every human being has the right and the power to seek for religion. Every human being has the right to ask the reason, why, and to have his question answered by himself, if he only takes the trouble. - Introductory, Raja Yoga, Volume 1

Atheism Quotes: Every human being has the right and the power to seek for religion.

There is some hope for the atheists, because though they differ from others, they think for themselves. The people who never think anything for themselves are not yet born into the world of religion; they have a mere jelly-fish existence. They will not think; they do not care for religion. But the disbeliever, the atheist, cares, and he is struggling. So think something! Struggle Godward! - The Great Teachers of the World, Lectures and Discourses, Volume 4

Atheist Quotes about Religion

We are all atheists, and yet we try to fight the man who admits it. We are all in the dark; religion is to us a mere intellectual assent, a mere talk, a mere nothing. We often consider a man religious who can talk well. But this is not religion. "Wonderful methods of joining words, rhetorical powers, and explaining texts of the books in various ways - these are only for the enjoyment of the learned, and not religion." Religion comes when that actual realization in our own souls begins. That will be the dawn of religion; and then alone we shall be moral. - Realization, Jnana Yoga, Volume 2

With most people religion is a sort of intellectual assent and goes no further than a document. I would not call it religion. It is better to be an atheist than to have that sort of religion. Religion does not depend on our intellectual assent or dissent. You say there is a soul. Have you seen the soul? How is it we all have souls and do not see them? You have to answer the question and find out the way to see the soul. If not, it is useless to talk of religion. If any religion is true, it must be able to show us the soul and show us God and the truth in ourselves. If you and I fight for all eternity about one of these doctrines or documents, we shall never come to any conclusion. People have been fighting for ages, and what is the outcome? Intellect cannot reach there at all. We have to go beyond the intellect; the proof of religion is in direct perception. - The Need of Symbols, Addresses on Bhakti-Yoga, Volume 4

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Religion nowadays has become a mere hobby and fashion. People go to church like a flock of sheep. They do not embrace God because they need Him. Most persons are unconscious atheists who self-complacently think that they are devout believers. - The Love Of God—II, Notes of Class Talks and Lectures, Volume 8

Until you have that thirst, that desire, you cannot get religion, however you may struggle with your intellect, or your books, or your forms. Until that thirst is awakened in you, you are no better than any atheist; only the atheist is sincere, and you are not. - Bhakti or Devotion, Lectures, Volume 2

Until you have attained realization there is no difference between you and atheists. The atheists are sincere, but the man who says that he believes in religion and never attempts to realize it is not sincere. - The Real and the Apparent Man, Jnana-Yoga, Volume 2

Religion without philosophy runs into superstition; philosophy without religion becomes dry atheism. - Sunday, July 7, Inspired Talks, Volume 7

More Atheist Quotes from Swami Vivekananda

It is better to be an outspoken atheist than a hypocrite. - Introductory, Raja Yoga, Volume 1

There is no difference between theories and atheism. - Saturday, July 20, Inspired Talks, Volume 7

To believe blindly is to degenerate the human soul. Be an atheist if you want, but do not believe in anything unquestioningly. - The Claims of Religion, Lectures and Discourses, Volume 4

atheist quotes: To believe blindly is to degenerate the human soul. Be an atheist if you want, but do not believe in anything unquestioningly.

That concludes all the atheist quotes from Swami Vivekananda. You can see the monk simply encourages thinking about religion thoroughly instead of simply believing what you are told. Struggling to find your higher purpose (or God) is just part of the journey!


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