Charity Quotes by Swami Vivekananda

It is so important to be charitable! And Swami Vivekananda emphasized this point so here are 15 charity quotes by Swami Vivekananda.

What is Charity?

What is meant by charity? Charity is not fundamental. It is really helping on the misery of the world, not eradicating it. One looks for name and fame and covers his efforts to obtain them with the enamel of charity and good works. He is working for himself under the pretext of working for others. Every so-called charity is an encouragement of the very evil it claims to operate against. - The Practice of Religion, Notes of Class Talks and Lectures, Volume 6

Charity and Religion

Love and charity for the whole human race, that is the test of true religiousness. - Soul, God and Religion, Lectures, Volume 1

Swami Vivekananda quote: Love and charity for the whole human race, that is the test of true religiousness.

The guiding motive of mankind should be charity towards men, charity towards all animals. - The Real Nature of Man, Jnana Yoga, Volume 2

The spiritual foundation upon which the marvelous monument of glory to God and charity to all beings has been reared stands unshaken, strong as ever. - Reply to the Madras address, Writings: Prose, Volume 4

No civilization can begin to lift up its head until we look charitably upon one another; and the first step towards that much-needed charity is to look charitably and kindly upon the religious convictions of others. Nay more, to understand that not only should we be charitable, but positively helpful to each other, however different our religious ideas and convictions may be. - The Mission of the Vedanta, Lectures from Colombo to Almora, Volume 3

There is no higher virtue than charity. The lowest man is he whose hand draws in, in receiving; and he is the highest man whose hand goes out in giving. The hand was made to give always. Give the last bit of bread you have even if you are starving. You will be free in a moment if you starve yourself to death by giving to another. Immediately you will be perfect, you will become God. - The Preparation, Addresses on Bhakti-Yoga, Volume 4

We hear all around us about practical religion, and analyzing all that, we find that it can be brought down to one conception - charity to our fellow beings. Is that all of religion? - The Practice of Religion, Lectures and Discourses, Volume 4

Charity is great, but the moment you say it is all, you run the risk of running into materialism. It is not religion. - The Practice of Religion, Lectures and Discourses, Volume 4

Swami Vivekananda charity quote about materialism

Giving Charity

Every act of charity, every thought of sympathy, every action of help, every good deed, is taking so much of self-importance away from our little selves and making us think of ourselves as the lowest and the least, and, therefore, it is all good. - Non-Attachment is Complete Self-Abnegation, Karma Yoga, Volume 1

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Never vaunt of your gifts to the poor or expect their gratitude, but rather be grateful to them for giving you the occasion of practicing charity to them. - The Secret of Work, Karma Yoga, Volume 1

No beggar whom we have helped has ever owed a single cent to us; we owe everything to him, because he has allowed us to exercise our charity on him. - We Help Ourselves, Not the World, Karma Yoga, Volume 1

beggar with swami vivekananda charity quote

We must inform our minds that no one in this universe depends upon us; not one beggar depends on our charity; not one soul on our kindness; not one living thing on our help. All are helped on by nature, and will be so helped even though millions of us were not here. - Non-Attachment is Complete Self-Abnegation, Karma Yoga, Volume 1

You must also remember that the world has God to govern it, and He has not left it to our charity. The Lord God is its Governor and Maintainer, and in spite of these wine fanatics and cigar fanatics, and all sorts of marriage fanatics, it would go on. If all these persons were to die, it would go on none the worse. - On Fanaticism, Notes from Lectures and Discourses, Volume 5

Have charity towards all beings. Pity those who are in distress. Love all creatures. Do not be jealous of anyone. Look not to the faults of others. - Sayings and Utterances, Volume 5

Swami Vivekananda quotes - charity to others

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More Charity Quotes

We may organize a charity and collect two or three millions of dollars, build a hospital with one million, with the second give balls and drink champagne, and of the third let the officers steal half, and leave the rest finally to reach the poor; but what are all these? One mighty wind in five minutes can break all your buildings up. What shall we do then? One volcanic eruption may sweep away all our roads and hospitals and cities and buildings. Let us give up all this foolish talk of doing good to the world. It is not waiting for your or my help; yet we must work and constantly do good, because it is a blessing to ourselves. That is the only way we can become perfect. - We Help Ourselves, Not the World, Karma Yoga, Volume 1

Hopefully, with these charity quotes from Swami Vivekananda, we become more charitable with our time and our actions.


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