Letting Go Quotes from Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda always emphasized letting go and giving up desires, attachment, jealousy, egoism and hopes for rewards. These are also the principles behind most (if not all) religions. So, without further ado, here are letting go quotes from Swami Vivekananda.

Letting Go Quotes from Swami Vivekananda

The whole universe is one person; let go the little things. Give up the small for the Infinite, give up small enjoyments for infinite bliss. – Practical Vedanta: Part II, Practical Vedanta and other lectures, Volume 2

Letting Go Quotes from Swami Vivekananda: The whole universe is one person; let go the little things

When we let go the eternal fever of desire, the endless thirst that gives us no rest, when we have forever quenched desire, we shall escape both good and evil, because we shall have transcended both. The satisfaction of desire only increases it, as oil poured on fire but makes it burn more fiercely. The further from the center, the faster goes the wheel, the less the rest. Draw near the center, check desire, stamp it out, let the false self go, then our vision will clear and we shall see God. - Discourses on Jnana Yoga, Lectures and Discourses, Volume 8

If we give up our attachment to this little universe of the senses or of the mind, we shall be free immediately. - Freedom, Karma Yoga, Volume 1

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Give up all fruits of work; do good for its own sake; then alone will come perfect non-attachment. - Freedom, Karma Yoga, Volume 1

Give up all argument and other distractions. Is there anything in dry intellectual jargon? It only throws the mind off its balance and disturbs it. Things of subtler planes have to be realized. Will talking do that? So give up all vain talk. - Pratyahara and Dharana, Raja Yoga, Volume 1

Let us give up our pride and understand this, that never is misery undeserved. There never has been a blow undeserved: there never has been an evil for which I did not pave the way with my own hands. We ought to know that. Analyse yourselves and you will find that every blow you have received, came to you because you prepared yourselves for it. You did half, and the external world did the other half: that is how the blow came. That will sober us down. At the same time, from this very analysis will come a note of hope, and the note of hope is: "I have no control of the external world, but that which is in me and nearer unto me, my own world, is in my control. If the two together are required to make a failure, if the two together are necessary to give me a blow, I will not contribute the one which is in my keeping; and how then can the blow come? If I get real control of myself, the blow will never come." - Work and its Secret, Lectures, Volume 2

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We have to give up ignorance and all that is false, and then truth will begin to reveal itself to us. - Realization, Jnana Yoga, Volume 2

We are miserable through delusion. Give up the delusion, and the whole thing vanishes. It is plain and simple indeed. - The Freedom of the Soul, Jnana Yoga, Volume 2

Letting Go Quotes from Swami Vivekananda: Give up the delusion, and the whole thing vanishes...

Give up all those old discussions, old fights about things which are meaningless, which are nonsensical in their very nature. - Reply to the Address of Welcome at Shivaganga and Manamadura, Lectures from Colombo to Almora, Volume 3

Give up jealousy and conceit. Learn to work unitedly for others. This is the great need of our country. - XXXVIII S_, Epistles - First Series, Volume 5

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Until we give up the world manufactured by the ego, never can we enter the kingdom of heaven. - Wednesday, June 26, Inspired Talks, Volume 7

We, as personalized, differentiated beings, forget our reality, and the teaching of monism is not that we shall give up these differentiations, but we must learn to understand what they are. We are in reality that Infinite Being, and our personalities represent so many channels through which this Infinite Reality is manifesting Itself; and the whole mass of changes which we call evolution is brought about by the soul trying to manifest more and more of its infinite energy. We cannot stop anywhere on this side of the Infinite; our power, and blessedness, and wisdom, cannot but grow into the Infinite. Infinite power and existence and blessedness are ours, and we have not to acquire them; they are our own, and we have only to manifest them. - Practical Vedanta: Part III, Practical Vedanta and other lectures, Volume 2

Throw away all weakness. Tell your body that it is strong, tell your mind that it is strong, and have unbounded faith and hope in yourself. - The First Steps, Raja Yoga, Volume 1

Words of Wisdom from Swami Vivekananda: Throw away all weakness. Tell your body that it is strong...

There it is…. 13 letting quotes from Swami Vivekananda. Hopefully, we are all inspired to let go of our own attachments, ego, and hopes for rewards. Give them all up to God!


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