12 Peace Quotes from Swami Vivekananda

Here are 12 peace quotes from Swami Vivekananda. In all his works, Swamiji highlighted God as the source of ultimate and infinite peace. And he went on to suggest whosoever renounced the world and became an abode of non-attachment would experience this ultimate peace.

Indeed there are some amazing peace quotes below from Swami Vivekananda.

Peace Quotes

Every act of love brings happiness; there is no act of love which does not bring peace and blessedness as its reaction. – Secret of Work, Karma Yoga, Volume 1

There is no desire for a peaceful mind. Desire will not come unless there is something outside to fulfill it. - Sadhanas or Preparations for Higher Life, Notes from Lectures and Discourses, Volume 5

peace quotes - There is no desire for a peaceful mind. Desire will not come unless there is something outside to fulfil it.

Let us be at peace, perfect peace, with ourselves, and give up our whole body and mind and everything as an eternal sacrifice unto the Lord. – Freedom, Karma Yoga, Volume 1

It is his freedom that is percolating through layers of thought and matter, and, in spite of the colourings of name and form, is ever asserting its unshackled existence. It is his deathlessness, his bliss, his peace, his divinity that shines out and makes itself felt in spite of the thickest layers of ignorance. He is the real man, the fearless one, the deathless one, the free. – Is the Soul Immortal?, Writings: Prose, Volume 4

When we come to that non-attachment, then we can understand the marvelous mystery of the universe; how it is intense activity and vibration, and at the same time intensest peace and calm; how it is work every moment and rest every moment. That is the mystery of the universe - the impersonal and personal in one, the infinite and finite in one. – Krishna, Lectures, Volume 1

Wisdom and philosophy do not march upon bleeding human bodies, do not march with violence but come on the wings of peace and love, and that has always been so. – The Work before us, Lectures from Colombo to Almora, Volume 3

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In the midst of the manifold, he who sees that One; in the midst of this infinite death, he who sees that one life; in the midst of the manifold, he who sees that which never changes in his own soul - unto him belongs eternal peace. – The Goal, Practical Vedanta and other lectures, Volume 2

When you are peaceful, your breath is going on peacefully, it is rhythmic. If the breath is rhythmic, you must be peaceful. When the mind is disturbed, the breath is broken. If you can bring the breath into rhythm forcibly by practice, why can you not become peaceful? When you are disturbed, go into the room and close the door. Do not try to control the mind, but go on with rhythmic breathing for ten minutes. The heart will become peaceful. These are common sense benefits that come to everyone. – Breathing, Lectures, Volume 1

In building up character in making for everything that is good and great, in bringing peace to others and peace to one's own self, religion is the highest motive power and, therefore, ought to be studied from that standpoint. - The Necessity of Religion, Jnana Yoga, Volume 2

He is free, he is great, who turns his back upon the world, who has renounced everything, who has controlled his passion, and who thirsts for peace. One may gain political and social independence, but if one is a slave to his passions and desires, one cannot feel the pure joy of real freedom. – Sayings and Utterances, Volume 5

Every undertaking must pass through a lot of obstacles. Truth triumphs if only one pursues a peaceful course. – LXXV Shashi, Epistles – Second Series, Volume 6

peace quotes and truth

The nature of the soul is bliss and peace unchanging. – Discourses on Jnana Yoga, Lectures and Discourses, Volume 8

Would do you think about these 12 peace quotes from Swami Vivekananda. Hopefully, they inspire you towards greater peace of mind and God.


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